Gokyo is the most alluring place of Khumbu region. It is the meeting point of various trekking routes of the Everest region. . A tranquil hamlet situated in Solukhumbu District of Nepal at the shore of Gokyo Cho is also called as Dudh Pokhari.
There are many reasons which make Gokyo Valley the most astonishing destination. Here are the few answers to your queries of Why Gokyo?

  • Lakes System (Multi Lakes)

Among the many lakes, five lakes are more renowned. Listed within the Ramsar Site for the wild conservation, it is believed that the water system is interconnected between the 4th lake and 3rd lake in an underground system. This local folklore stories certainly add to the mystery of the area.

  • Perfect Vantage Point of Everest

The valley never fails to surprise. It is the perfect place for mountain vistas as well as the Himalayan wilderness. We're often told by trekkers that its the best view of Mt. Everest, from the region, even more spectacular than at Everest Base Camp.
While trekking between the 4th and Fifth Lake, trekkers can get an almost overwhelming view of Mt. Everest. It shows the scale of Everest unlike unlike any other route. Apart from Everest the place is astounding for the mountain vistas.

  • Gokyo Ri

The hill with a height of 5300 – 5500m from sea level is definitely an enticing place to be. It offers a magnificent view of the mountains in a 360-degree panorama.
Moreover, it is a photographer’s paradise. One can observe the delightful blue turquoise lake from the top as well as the mountains surrounding it.
Throughout the entire Everest region trekking in Nepal, you will not find a better place to sleep, relax, and eat than in Gokyo. The promising young Sherpa entrepreneurs and old Sherpa guardians have definitely re-created Gokyo as a traditional Himalayan destination with all the modern amenities.
Days of strenuous walking requires a clean and comfortable place to rest. Gokyo provides all.

  • Pure Sherpa Hamlet

The valley used to be the herder’s hut of the Sherpa people from Khunde and Khumjung. The valley can provide travelers with ancient stories of Yeti, Sherpa and the entire Khumbu.
Know the Sherpa on their doorsteps. Relish their delicacies and learn about them firsthand.

  • Diversified Vegetation

The Gokyo Valley and its surroundings have unique habitats and diversified vegetation. Together with the vegetation, you can find many different types of wildlife. Lower Gokyo i.e. Dole Machhermo area has the structure of alpine forests and the upper Gokyo has the tundra. The flora, fauna, and geology provide fascination for both scientific researchers and enthusiasts.

  • Trekking Route Center

Gokyo is where most trekking routes of Khumbu are connected. These include: Everest Three High Passes Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek, Renjola Pass Trek, EBC Chola Pass Trek,  and Gokyo Lake System Research Trek
There are numerous other reasons to visit Gokyo, for the pure experience of Sherpa and mountains; visit Gokyo Valley.

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